Long Hairstyles for Black Women, The New Trends

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Long Hairstyles for Black Women

Long hairstyles for black women are one of the most talked topics among African American Women. Hair is important parts that affect our appearance.  As a woman, it is recommended to have pretty appearance since it will give us several good effects. First, it will make us more popular in the society. Pretty women always have more good reputation than ordinary woman which make them easier to find friend. Besides that, they also can find boyfriend easier. Second, it will help them in their career. A good appearance is a good additional point for every woman.

One of the factors that determine a person’s beauty is their races. This doesn’t mean that hairstyles are racist. But, precisely, every race has their own hairstyle that can make them look better. In this case, African American woman have their own popular hairstyle such as weave and curly hairstyle. Weave is a hairstyle which combines hair dye to make it better. Since African American women hair’s color is only black, they need to use hair dye to create variation. Second, it is curly hairstyle. It is a curly hair which is known for its funky look.  These are the examples of long hairstyles for black women.

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