Long Hairstyles for Guys Popularity in Modern Day

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Long Emo Hairstyles for Guys

Long hairstyles for guys are common in this modern day especially for guys that love heavy metal genre where almost all of them grow their hair long enough. Some women also love the unique sight from watching a guy with long hair now, they said that a guy with long hair has unique attraction and looks special. There are many reasons as for why some guys choose to have a long hair instead of short or bald. It’s not always due to the reason of they like heavy metal as the reason for having a long hair. There are some guys that prefer having long hair because the unique looks derived from it.

Choosing this kind of hairstyle also has many downsides, not all women like this kind of hairstyle and brand the guys as feminine and don’t have the charm as a man when they have long hairstyle. You also need to take care and maintain it carefully because you need to be patience for the growing duration will be quite a long wait. A long hair might intrude on your vision as a long hair will be easily blown by wind and covering your face and vision. To encounter that, make a small ponytail or go to your favorite hairstylist when your hair grown long enough and ask them to give you good long hairstyles for guys that fit you and your style.

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